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Iaci Lomonaco

Decolonizing Corporealities (DC) is a transdisciplinary and multidisciplinary educational programme that invites us to rethink everything through a journey of embodiment: our own embodiment and the embodiment of the other.

This course is based on the idea that we can only understand the complexity we are living in and create solutions towards a circular economy and a sustainable society once we work through our bodies.

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The course is open for everyone and it aims to build a diverse multidisciplinary group, bringing people from different ages, gender identities and backgrounds together. 

It is FREE. Join us!

An innovative online research programe that raises complex questions: Can the body help us re-member our intradependence? Can movement and body practices activate awareness for a more sustainable life and living? Can the body help us slow down so we can be able to notice the world differently, to develop new capabilities and response-abilities that might help wiser bodies/systems to emerge?

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